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New to Specs? A Comprehensive Guide for First-Time Glasses Wearers

Jan 02,2024

Welcome to an eye-opening journey of hawk-eye vision. In the beginning, most people find it hard to adjust to wearing new glasses, even takes months to feel comfortable. If you’re one of them, this guide will help you understand the transition from choosing perfect eyewear to adapting to a new visual experience. Remember, your eyes are the most sensitive organ of your body so a clear understanding of your glasses is key to a healthy eye and improved lifestyle. 

Preparing for Your First Pair of Glasses

Choosing your first pair of glasses can be dramatic. Here are some basic tips for selecting the perfect glasses. 

Choosing the Right Frames: 

Before exploring eyewear options, identify your face shape. A square face may look good with a round frame while a round face may contrast well with an angular frame. Therefore, consideration of your face shape while selecting new glasses is essential.

Moreover, choose a pair of glasses according to your lifestyle. For active or sports people, highly durable glasses are needed. Special lens glasses will accommodate you well if you are a gamer. And to make a fashion statement, a bold and stylish frame will be a perfect choice. 

Select a frame that reflects your personal style. Wear frames that fit choice of your favorite color and style. 

Understanding Prescriptions: 

The next step is to read and understand the specific details of a prescription that your eye doctor has provided. Reach out to your doctor if any point is unclear. A good understanding of your prescription is essential to make the right decision while purchasing new glasses. 

Lens Options: 

Lenses and the coating protect your vision and the performance of glasses. There are many options available, but understanding which is right for you is crucial. Eye professionals recommend lenses with UV protection such as photochromic lenses with anti-reflective coating that ensures comfort in all lighting conditions. Tinted lenses are in trend such as blue-light blocking lenses claimed to ease the eyes while using gadgets. While progressive lenses are perfect for vision correctness. 

Adjusting to Life with Glasses

The Adaptation Period: 

Your eyes need some time to adapt to new glasses if you are a first-time glass wearer. During the adaption period, it’s common to see things differently even with a matched prescription. However, with prolonged use, it will be comfortable to wear in your everyday routine. 

Dealing with Common Issues: 

Many first-time glasses wearers experience discomfort, dizziness, and headaches which is completely normal. To mitigate these common concerns you need to wear glasses. Yes! Wear them often and try your glasses early in the morning. 

Caring for Your Glasses: 

Regular care of your glasses is vital for longevity and better performance. Avoid using paper or other harsh material for cleaning your glasses, instead use a microfiber cloth. Further, it’s necessary to keep them in a hard case to avoid any damage. Always hold your glasses from the frame not lenses which reduces the chances of scratches on lenses. 

Incorporating Glasses into Your Lifestyle

Fashion and Functionality: 

The key to incorporating glasses into your daily wardrobe is your mindset. Focus on the benefits of glasses, such as vision correction, and embrace them as a fashion accessory. Moreover turning functionality into a fashion statement can enrich your self-esteem and make you more comfortable in your fashion style. 

Lifestyle Adjustments:

As a first-time glasses wearer start your journey by incorporating your new glasses in your daily activities like reading, meetings, and other indoor works. Gradually wear them for more hours and indulge in various activities such as sports or outdoor adventures. It’s completely normal to take time to adjust, however as time passes you become used to wearing your new glasses more comfortably and confidently.

When to Wear and When to Rest

If you’re prescribed to wear your new glasses 24/7, remember to rest your eyes. During the night take off your glasses, and wear them as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. You will get a fresh vibe with energetic adaptability to new glasses. If your goal is to make a fashion statement, wear them only during specific scenarios where your style is important such as business meetings, gatherings, parties, and travel.


With a comprehensive guide and tips, you can smoothly adjust and embrace a positive change for a better vision and style. Check out EFE’s eyewear collection which offers comfort, style, and quality for first-time glasses wearer.