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Essential Tips for Choosing the Right Prescription Glasses

EFE GLASSES | Dec 20,2023

This guide contains the essential tips for choosing the right prescription glasses, with these few tips it will be easier for you to select the perfect prescription glasses. It is always recommended to consider your face structure while selecting the best prescription glasses because shape matters. Always consider a good material for durability and comfortability and frame style, because some frame styles may not suit you well. 

We are selling the best prescription glasses that include a frame of high-quality, green coating, an anti-scratch coating for ensuring durability, and a cloth for lens cleaning. These prescription glasses are available in different frame shapes (Cat-eye, Square) and different materials (TR90+Metal, Acetate). 

Understanding Your Prescription and Lens Options  

It is really important to check and find out the required up-to-date prescription glasses because this selection has a great impact on the health of your eyes. Because your old prescriptions do not need to be accurate, it's better to get an eye checkup after a certain time to get the best care. The understanding of the lens types is essential, where a single vision lens is prescribed just for a specific purpose such as for reading or any other purpose. A bifocal lens allows people to see through two sides of vision (far, and near) just through one glass. Where progressive lens contains a corridor that is the part of the lens that provides people with the ability to see intermediate distances.

Many factors should be considered for the lens’ materials and coatings selection like your lifestyle and preferences, level of protection needed, budget, and required type of vision correction. A consultation with an optician can help you in selecting the most suitable lens materials and coatings.

Selecting Frames That Complement Your Face Shape 

After acquiring a prescription, the next thing you have to do is to find out what kinds of frames of prescription glasses would look good over you. Here are some tips, firstly identify your face shape and search for frames for your face shape, like angular frames are suitable for those who have round faces, and softer frames for people with square faces. Skin tone is also an important factor, Grey and black glasses are recommended for cool undertones in your skin, and (pink, and tan) are suitable for warm, and of course, your personal preference also matters so consider that also. It is essential to select the frame that proportionally fits and balances the shape of your face because your entire look depends on this selection.

EFE’s Collection of Prescription glasses frames 

EFE’s collection of prescription glasses frames contains the following items.


Marta is available in red color, and has a flat front with squared off corners. It is available in Acetate material and Square shape and also contains a green coating for cleaner vision.


Dara is available in Brown Color, made up of lightweight acetate, and durable for daily use. It is available in a square shape and also contains an anti-scratch coating for durability.


Morty is available in Grey Color, and has squared-off corners with a flat front. These prescription glasses are square and suitable for those who are looking for the best and most comfortable glasses for a use of long hours.

Considering Frame Material and Durability 

It is important to look for frame material and durability before buying because all the materials have pros and cons, acetate is known because of its texture and rich color but is less durable. Metal frames are recommended for individuals with strong facial features but they may cause allergic reactions to those who have sensitive skin. Titanium frames are known because of their durability, and lightweight features but these are expensive. Durability is one of the factors that is necessary to be checked before buying any frame to use for long hours because these frames last for a long time.


Don’t forget to consider the factors discussed above before buying prescription glasses such as your style, your skin tone, and your face shape. The selection done in this way will help you to get the most suitable product. EFE’s current collection has the best and highest-in-demand prescription glasses like Martha, Elara, Dara, Poppy, and Morty. We are offering many variants to fulfill the requirement of style as well as the required function for our clients.