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Dotti - Oval  Glasses for Women
  • Dotti - Oval  Glasses for Women
  • Dotti - Oval  Glasses for Women
  • Dotti - Oval  Glasses for Women


Oval Glasses E07866D

4.9 (12 Reviews)
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EFE Eyeglasses Included:
High-quality frame
Anti-scratch coating for durability
Green coating for clearer vision
A lens cleaning cloth & bag

  • Frame Width:143mm
  • Lens Width: 52mm
  • Bridge:17mm
  • Lens Height:42mm
  • Arm Length:140 mm
  • Temple:Metal Spring Hinges

In all its acetate goodness, Dotti embodies that ever elusive concept we call “dapper”. 

This stunning classic features different color, paired with a signature pair cat-eye lenses to complete the look. 

Designed with spring hinges for an extra comfortable fit. The cat-eye frame made to complement every face shape and size. 

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  • bought 3 pairs
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    The glasses are perfect! Great Service, Good Glasses, I am pleased with my purchase!
    Sep 15,2023 by lb1780
  • These took away any pain and stress with my eyes.
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I thought I would give these a try since my eyes bother me by mid-day from sitting in front of the laptop screen every day. What a difference it has made. No more pain or hurting in my eyes. It took about 2 days for them to adjust to the blue light blocking which was great for me. I highly recommend these.
    Jul 31,2023 by TeeTee
  • Fantastic Glasses!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These glasses are the best fit my wife has ever had -- I'm so happy to have stumbled across them. She has a hard time finding glasses that don't slide down her face. They sit perfectly on her narrow nose bridge without resting on her cheeks. While some people like a hefty frame, she's found that the light weight of these really keeps her from getting headaches. She recommends them to all her friends who get tired eyes at work and I know we're going to end up with more pairs around the house. (We've tested them with a blue light laser from another company and they did just as well blocking MOST of the blue light as the very expensive pair we compared them
    Jul 13,2023 by Joan Schulz
  • Perfect for Everyday Computer Use for Students
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I purchased these glasses ,They're cute too! HIGHLY recommended
    Jul 02,2023 by Brenda Strickland
  • Light weight
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    First of all, these are SO cute and I sometimes wear them out and about (not just looking at a screen).
    Jun 06,2023 by katie
  • I’m so glad,they the perfect fit
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I love these glasses even more then I thought I would. They are so stylish and beautiful as well as being extremely good quality.
    Jun 05,2023 by Jan Beard
  • Classy and elegant!!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I purchased a pair of these glasses with a pink frame and I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. They're lightweight
    May 28,2023 by Kindle1
  • Great help for close computer work!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    It’s been a tremendous amount of time in front of my computer screen and anything that can help me with the eye strain and Eye fatigue is important… I’m very happy with this purchase especially the fact that they are light weight and very comfortable.
    May 23,2023 by Sharrie Cranford
  • They work great to reduce eye strain.
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    They are stylish and really help to reduce eye strain and fatigue when working on computer or iPads. I do a lot of reading on my iPad and my eyes would become blurry and fatigued. Put these on and could not believe the difference they made in how my eyes felt.
    Apr 27,2023 by Judee
  • This frame fit my face and it is light weight too.
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I bought them because I thought I'd look cute in glasses. And I do, anyways yeah.
    Apr 07,2023 by Jenny Curry
  • Super cute, comfortable, and convenient!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These glasses are really cute! I chose to buy these here because I spend so much money on prescription glasses
    Mar 23,2023 by Tina Lanius
  • Great quality
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    The glass is firm has a good quality feel and brings a sense of satisfaction to have chosen it
    Mar 06,2023 by Cyndi Kraft
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