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How to Maintain Sunglasses Brilliance without Damage- A Step-by-Step Guide

EFE GLASSES | Feb 06,2024

Can you imagine going out with sunglasses? No one wants to miss this armor, with protection and high-end fashionable features. Despite any design and material, they are not free from damage and scratches, yet they can last longer if you properly maintain them. Here is the step-by-step guide that will help you to care for your sunglasses for as long as possible delicately.

Understanding Sunglasses Materials

The quality of sunglasses is mainly associated with frame material and lens coating. To ensure the longevity of sunglasses, pick sunglasses with high-quality material. Consider getting durable materials such as Acetate and metallic frames, offering functionality and durability. Moreover, mineral glasses are best for scratch-resistant properties, and Nylon material frames are great for people with high-intensity physical activities. Choosing these material frames will ease cleaning and protect them from any damage.

Gentle Cleaning Supplies

Sometimes in a hurry, we start rubbing sunglasses with shirts and textured surfaces, which can cause major scratches on lenses and frames. To get a damage-free clean, use mild and safe cleaning supplies such as microfiber clothes, lens cleaning solutions, and gentle soaps that are safe for lenses and lens coatings.

Step-by-Step Cleaning Process

Sunglasses are a go-to accessory for everyday use, attracting dirt, scratches, and smudges. To remove such debris, first wash your sunglasses with a mild and lotion-free soap. Then rinse the soap residue with lukewarm water. Remember to avoid hot water, it can damage lenses. Dry off with a clean microfiber cloth in the end. Never rub a cloth on dry sunglasses, instead use a soft cloth right after washing.

Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

Sunglasses usually serve the purpose of protection from UV light, dust, and glare. Nevertheless, its lenses and coatings are made with special materials, making them sensitive to harsh materials.  Abstain to rubbing alcohol, vinegar, or any other harsh chemical or abrasive materials that can damage lenses. Clean the lenses with pray specifically made for cleaning sunglasses.

Proper Storage

Nobody wears sunglasses 24/7. When not wearing, keep them in a safe place with proper storage. Keeping them stored will prevent unnecessary scratches and damage. Practice putting them in a protective and sturdy case. A little carelessness can cost you your sunglasses and create long-lasting blemishes on the frame and lenses.

Cleaning prescription sunglasses

These sunglasses are more prone to glares and damage. Special care is needed to improve their lifespan and protect them to avoid altering the prescription. The key is to not expose your prescription sunglasses to extreme temperatures, such as leaving them on a hot surface or putting them outside in minus temperatures, which cause lenses to crack or bend.

Tips for Special Coatings

Maintaining the effectiveness of sunglasses with special lens coating such as anti-reflective coatings requires a mild cleaning so that they can last longer. Keep your hands clean and prefer using gentle cleaning agents and soft fabric for drying. Restrain using paper towels, glass cleaners, and products with bleaches because it’s not possible to repair anti-reflective coating if damaged.

Regular Maintenance

Take a few seconds to clean your sunglasses regularly. Check yourself and your sunglasses in the mirror daily before going outside wearing them. Inspect the fitting, if they are hinged properly on the nose, and look for any distortion or bends in the frame. While handling them, take extra precautions like holding both legs while putting and taking them off from your face. 


Keep your sunglasses safe by cleaning them with a soft cloth, storing them in a protective case, and avoiding scorching heat and freezing atmosphere. Whether you wear prescribed or non-prescribed sunglasses, ensure your eye health and protection by following proper cleaning methods for clear sunglasses and well-maintained eyewear that can offer brilliance without any damage.


How do I clean my sunglasses?

Rinse Your Shades, make sure your hands are clean (avoid oil or lotion-based soaps). Then, gently rinse your sunglasses in lukewarm water. This can be done by simply running them under the faucet, but make sure that the pressure is gentle and that the water isn’t too hot. More>> 

How to take care of a pair of sunglasses?

Remember to wash your hands thoroughly before you start. This prevents you from transferring oils, dirt, and bacteria to your lenses while you clean them. Next, hold the sunglasses by the bridge, this is the length of plastic connecting the two lenses. Alternatively, grab them by the rim of the lens.