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Top 7 discussions about glasses you may confuse

EFE GLASSES | Sep 14,2022

“The prescription should be smaller than the actual prescription, otherwise, it will be bad for your eyesight and make the prescription stronger. ”Is it true or not?

This statement is incorrect, the degree is not enough, patients look far squinting, causing the ciliary muscle contraction (to adjust), resulting in eye fatigue, which makes the degree more likely to deepen and bad for the eyes.

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I'm myopia now, then will I not be presbyopia when I'm 40?

Presbyopia is a physiological phenomenon, and everyone will. It is called presbyopia because the function of the ciliary muscle decreases with age, making it difficult to see close (especially in reading and writing). People with nearsightedness or good eyesight will develop presbyopia a little later. If the nearsightedness is not deep, it can be balanced with presbyopia, so take off the optical eyeglasses when looking at the near.


How often should I wear my glasses?

Whether you should wear glasses all the time really depends on your vision needs and prescription. Generally, if the degree is between -1.00 and -2.00, you don't need to wear glasses all the time when looking at things close by, which will not increase the adjustment of the eye. If you need reading and it's best to wear it, otherwise the degree will deepen. If it is greater than -3.00 degrees, you need to wear it often whether you are looking at near or far. If you don't wear it, you will see objects blurry, and the adjustment of eye will deepen, resulting in fatigue and vision. If you need more help, your eye doctor is your best person for advice.


Why is it uncomfortable to wear the new glasses at the first few days?

There are many reasons, there may be differences in the prescription and you're not familiar with the new one. Second, the old glasses because of deformation, damage, long-term wearing has leaded you have a bad vision habit, relative to the correct angle and you need to adapt to the new one. Also, the old glasses because of wear and tear led to blurred lenses, and with the new glasses, you feel the visual objects suddenly a lot brighter, resulting in a visual impact, so feel uncomfortable.


Am I really nearsighted? What do I mean by pseudomyopia?

A: The so-called pseudomyopia is due to continuous contraction of the ciliary muscle. Over-regulation, causing regulatory spasm, eye refractive force enhancement, so that both eyes are in a myopic state, and vision loss. The phenomenon of visual fatigue occurs as long as you avoid prolonged eye use and regularly relax and adjust your eyes. If you look into the distance and keep your exercise routine, you will be able to return to normal.


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When I am reading and writing, is it better to use incandescent lamps or lamps?

A: In principle, it is better to use incandescent lamps, small table lamps with wattage between 25W-40W, with light coming from the front left and not directly into the eyes. The big light is unstable and not recommended.


Are presbyopic glasses getting deeper the more you wear them?

A: No. The power of presbyopic will get deeper and deeper without wearing. Eyes can not see near items this is a physiological phenomenon, is our eye regulation function decline performance, everyone is the same.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us or ask your doctor!