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Gifts for Grandparents Day: new reading glasses!

Sep 07,2023

Grandparents hold a special place in our hearts, offering wisdom, love, and cherished memories. 

As Grandparents Day is approaching, what better way to express your appreciation than by gifting them a practical and thoughtful present? New reading glasses, tailored to their specific needs, can be a delightful and meaningful gift, enhancing their comfort as they enjoy their favorite books, hobbies, and cherished time spent with family.


Grandparents Day gift

When is Grandparents Day?

National Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day in the United States. In 2023, Grandparents Day will be on September 10th.


History and meaning

Grandparents Day was officially recognized as a holiday in the United States in 1978 when President Jimmy Carter signed it into law. It was established to honor and celebrate the contributions of grandparents to their families and communities.

Grandparents Day is a time to show gratitude and appreciation for the wisdom, guidance, and love that grandparents provide. It's an opportunity for families to come together, visit their grandparents, and create lasting memories.


While it's not as widely celebrated as some other holidays, Grandparents Day is a heartfelt occasion to acknowledge the importance of intergenerational relationships and the valuable role that grandparents play in the lives of their grandchildren.


On Grandparents Day, it's common for people to give gifts, spend quality time with their grandparents, and participate in various activities or events to honor and celebrate the elderly members of their families.


Are reading glasses a good Grandparents Day gift?

Absolutely, reading glasses can be a wonderful Grandparents Day gift, and here's why they are not only practical but also meaningful:


1. Enhanced reading experience

As people age, they may develop presbyopia, a common vision condition that makes it challenging to focus on close-up objects, such as books and newspapers. A new pair of reading glasses can significantly improve the reading experience for grandparents by providing the necessary magnification to see text clearly. This can enable them to continue enjoying their favorite books, magazines, and newspapers without straining their eyes.


2. Improved comfort

Old or outdated reading glasses may not provide the optimal vision correction, leading to discomfort and eye strain. A new pair of reading glasses with the correct prescription can enhance comfort and reduce eye fatigue, allowing grandparents to read for longer periods without discomfort.


3. Safety

Clear vision is crucial for safety, especially when performing tasks that require close-up vision, such as reading medication labels or cooking. New reading glasses can ensure that grandparents can see clearly and perform these tasks safely.


4. Independence

Having a reliable pair of reading glasses promotes independence. Grandparents can engage in activities like reading, crafting, or working on hobbies without needing constant assistance from others to decipher small print or details.


5. Quality time

When you gift your grandparents new reading glasses, you're not only providing them with a useful tool but also showing that you care about their well-being. It's a thoughtful gesture that can enhance the quality of their daily life.


6. Fashion and style

Many modern reading glasses come in stylish designs and frame options. Choosing a pair that matches your grandparents' style can make the gift even more special. They'll not only see better but also look good while doing it.


7. Boost in confidence

Clear vision can boost confidence. Grandparents can engage in conversations, participate in family gatherings, and read stories to their grandchildren with ease, fostering a sense of self-assuredness.


8. Preservation of memory

Reading allows grandparents to stay mentally engaged and keep their cognitive abilities sharp. By providing them with the means to continue reading, you're also helping to preserve their mental acuity and memory.


Best reading glasses for grandparents

Here are five reading glasses from EFE that are well-suited for grandparents, along with reasons for their suitability:



rectangular reading glasses

These classic rectangular reading glasses offer a timeless design that suits a wide range of face shapes. They provide clear vision for reading and other close-up tasks. The simple and elegant style makes them versatile for both casual and formal use, catering to various preferences.



Half-frame reading glasses

Half-frame reading glasses are lightweight and comfortable for extended wear. They feature a classic and unobtrusive design, allowing grandparents to read for longer periods without discomfort. These glasses are an excellent choice for those who value comfort and functionality.



Cat-eye reading glasses

Cat-eye reading glasses offer a touch of style and personality. While providing clear vision for reading, they also add a fashionable element to everyday activities. Regina is perfect for grandparents who want to combine practicality with a hint of elegance.



Oversized round reading glasses

Oversized round reading glasses provide a larger field of vision and are particularly comfortable for reading books and newspapers. This round shape is flattering and timeless, making these glasses a great choice for those who prefer a classic look.



Bifocal reading sunglasses

Bifocal reading sunglasses are a practical choice for grandparents who enjoy reading outdoors. Nelson combines reading magnification with sun protection, allowing grandparents to read in bright sunlight without squinting or switching between regular glasses and sunglasses.