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What Are 1.67 High Index Lenses, and Do You Need It?

EFE GLASSES | Sep 08,2023

High-Index Lenses Explained

The “high index” refers to the refractive index of a lens. The refractive index is a measure of the lens's ability to bend light: The higher the refractive index, the more efficient the lens is at bending light and correcting vision. the stronger your prescription can be without added thickness.

What High-index lenses can do?

High-index lenses are therefore quite powerful. They can correct more severe vision problems while taking up the same or less space as other eyeglass lenses. the higher a lens’s refractive index,  

1.67 high index lenses feature thinner lenses that also present a more natural appearance when wearing glasses, which make them an excellent choice for individuals with strong prescriptions who seek thinner, lighter, and more cosmetically appealing eyeglasses without compromising on visual quality and durability.


What do 1.67 high index lenses mean?

1.67 high-index lenses are prescription lenses for people who have a strong prescription but prefer thinner lenses. They work by utilizing advanced optical materials that have a higher refractive index compared to standard lens materials. The refractive index of a material measures how much it can bend or refract light.

What Are the Disadvantages of 1.67 High-Index Lenses?

Thinner and lighter

They're thinner, lighter, and less obtrusive within frames, unlike thicker lenses that may protrude outwards. Lower-index lenses can also magnify or shrink the appearance of your eyes, which is not as much of a risk as high-index lenses.

Fit most glasses frames

Your choices of glasses frames are not limited by high-index lenses: if your prescription is high, their thin shape allows them to work with a variety of frames styles. The stronger your prescription, the more important it is! Regardless of the refractive index, the larger frames = thicker lenses. )


High-index lenses can be single-vision, progressive, and even light-responsive. You can also opt for high-index lenses that filter blue light, and if you’re getting sunglasses, polarized high-index lenses are an option, too. No matter how you’d like to customize your prescription lenses, it’s a good bet that high-index lenses can play along.

More comfortable

High-index lenses do not burden your nose and ears, and they slip less risk than thicker lenses.

What Are the Disadvantages of 1.67 High-Index Lenses?

Higher costs

Due to their materials and manufacturing process, high-index lenses can add extra cost to your eyewear bill. Some sellers price high-index lenses at hundreds of dollars more than conventional lenses.

Poor impact resistance

High-index lenses aren’t always the best choice for children or for someone playing high-contact sports, as they’re slightly more fragile than polycarbonate and other plastic lenses.

More reflective

High-index lenses are prone to reflecting light, which can be distracting in bright environments. This property may make it tougher to see and drive at night. An anti-reflective coating is therefore a must for high-index lenses—and all of ours come with this coating already applied.

Are 1.67 high index lenses right for you?

1.67 high-index lenses are an excellent choice for individuals with strong prescriptions who seek thinner, lighter, and cosmetically appealing eyewear. However, the decision should be based on your specific vision requirements, comfort preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Based the aforementioned terms, you can be sure of is it right for you.

EFE's frames for 1.67 high index lenses

1.Geometric Multicolor-Blue Glasses E08492B

Geometric Multicolor-Blue Glasses E08492B

This geometric glasses feature crystal blue color in frame and temple part with black spot blended together. Suitable for chic and all kinds of outfit in different occasions. So it is one of our best-selling 1.67 high index lenses. This glasses flatter you even in occasions where you didn’t wear any makeup.

2.Square Black Glasses E08395A

Square Black Glasses E08395A

The square glasses frame's front is meticulously crafted from lightweight and resilient metal, featuring a slender design that harmonizes with its angular shape. This delicate metal frame introduces a discreet touch to the entire appearance, all the while preserving an understated charm.

3.Round Wine Glasses E59038C3

Round Wine Glasses E59038C3

Glasses E59038C3 adopts black and dark red’s natural combination along with the thin metal temple. Overall, the round glasses give out a mature and experienced characters of the wearer, suitable for smart and office workers. It will magnify your unique features for sure.

If you have a high eyeglasses prescription, 1.67 High-Index Lenses could be a good option for you. Its thin lenses look good and are light enough to be comfortable to wear all day. While they are more expensive than standard plastic or glass lenses, it may be worth it to be able to see clearly without having to wear thick lenses.

Talk with to EFE eye doctor to see if these lenses are right for you.