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Are 1.67 high index lenses right for you?

Sep 08,2023

1.67 high index lenses feature in thinner lenses that also present a more natural appearance when wearing glasses, which make them an excellent choice for individuals with strong prescriptions who seek thinner, lighter, and more cosmetically appealing eyeglasses without compromising on visual quality and durability.

1.67 high index lenses

What do 1.67 high index lenses mean?

1.67 high-index lenses are prescription lenses for people who have strong prescription but prefer thinner lenses. They work by utilizing advanced optical materials that have a higher refractive index compared to standard lens materials. The refractive index of a material measures how much it can bend or refract light.

Pros and cons of 1.67 lenses

Pros of 1.67 Lenses:


1.Reduced Thickness: 

The primary advantage of 1.67 lenses is their ability to significantly reduce lens thickness compared to standard lenses. This is especially beneficial for individuals with strong prescriptions, as thinner lenses are more cosmetically appealing and minimize the "bug-eye" effect.



1.67 lenses are lighter in weight compared to standard lenses, which enhances overall comfort, particularly for extended wear.


3.Cosmetic Appeal: 

The slim profile of 1.67 lenses results in aesthetically pleasing eyewear. They provide a natural appearance when viewed from the front and allow your eyes and facial features to be more prominently displayed.



These lenses offer excellent optical clarity, ensuring sharp and distortion-free vision, regardless of your prescription strength.



1.67 high-index lenses are made from materials that are inherently durable and resistant to impacts and scratches. This contributes to their longevity.


6.Prescription Flexibility: 

While ideal for strong prescriptions, 1.67 lenses are available in various thicknesses, which is very good for different people with different vision correction needs.



These lenses can be customized to incorporate specific lens designs, such as progressive or aspheric lenses, to improve peripheral vision and adapt to multifocal needs.


8.Coating Compatibility: 

1.67 lenses are compatible with various lens treatments, including anti-reflective coatings, UV protection, and scratch resistance, improving visual comfort and eye protection.


9.UV Protection: 

Many 1.67 lenses come with built-in UV protection to shield the eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation, contributing to long-term eye health.


Cons of 1.67 Lenses:



The price of 1.67 lenses is usually high standard lenses. The advanced materials and manufacturing processes used in high index lenses lift up its price.



High-index lenses may have more noticeable reflections on the lens surfaces, especially without anti-reflective coatings. These reflections can cause glare and affect visual comfort, particularly in bright lighting conditions.


3.Compatibility with Certain Frames: 

In some cases, very small or narrow frames may not provide enough space for high-index lenses, particularly if the prescription is exceptionally strong.



While high-index materials are durable, they may be more prone to chipping or cracking upon impact compared to some other lens materials, like polycarbonate.


5.Lens Availability: 

Depending on your location and the optical shop you visit, there may be limited availability of frame styles and lens options for 1.67 lenses.


Are 1.67 high index lenses right for you?

1.67 high-index lenses are an excellent choice for individuals with strong prescriptions who seek thinner, lighter, and cosmetically appealing eyewear. However, the decision should be based on your specific vision requirements, comfort preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Based the aforementioned terms, you can be sure of is it right for you.

EFE's frames for 1.67 high index lenses


This geometric glasses feature crystal blue color in frame and temple part with black spot blended together. Suitable for chic and all kinds of outfit in different occasions. So it is one of our best-selling 1.67 high index lenses. This glasses flatter you even in occasions where you didn’t wear any makeup.


The square glasses frame's front is meticulously crafted from lightweight and resilient metal, featuring a slender design that harmonizes with its angular shape. This delicate metal frame introduces a discreet touch to the entire appearance, all the while preserving an understated charm.


Monica adopts black and dark red’s natural combination along with the thin metal temple. Overall, the round glasses give out a mature and experienced characters of the wearer, suitable for smart and office workers. It will magnify your unique features for sure.