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All explained: what make glasses so expensive?

Sep 05,2023

The world of eyewear offers a dazzling array of choices, from stylish frames to cutting-edge lenses. But for those who've ventured into the realm of premium eyeglasses, the price tags can be staggering. 

So,what makes glasses so expensive? Behind the shimmering display cases and designer logos lies a complex fusion of craftsmanship, technology and quality that elevates eyewear into the realm of luxury.

what make glasses so expensive?

Do you need glasses?

The answer is an absolute yes. There are lots of different situations where different clients are in need of different glasses for various purposes. 

prescription glasses:

They become necessary when individuals encounter vision problems or specific eye conditions that hinder their ability to see clearly.

1.Myopia, or nearsightedness, results in clear close-up vision but blurred distant vision, often emerging in youth.

2.Hyperopia,or farsightedness, hinders close-up focus, typically impacting people as they age. 

3.Astigmatism, with its distorted vision,stems from irregularly shaped corneas or lenses. Age-related presbyopia makes near tasks challenging, necessitating reading glasses. Cataracts lead to hazy vision,and while glasses can't resolve them, they can improve sight.In cases like glaucoma, glasses may be part of treatment. Strabismus and amblyopia may require specialized glasses to aid alignment and vision development.

Lastly, protective eyewear is vital for eye injury prevention. Routine eye exams by optometrists or ophthalmologists help detect and address these vision issues, enabling the prescription of tailored eyeglasses or contact lenses for improved clarity and comfort.

Reading glasses: 

People typically need reading glasses when they develop presbyopia, an age-related vision condition that usually emerges around the age of 40.

Presbyopia affects the eye's ability to focus on close-up objects,making tasks like reading, using smartphones,or working on a computer challenging. As the eye's lens becomes less flexible, it becomes harder to adjust for close-range vision. 

Reading glasses have specific magnifications(measured in diopters) that compensate for this loss of focusing ability. They are a common and effective solution for individuals who find it increasingly difficult to see clearly up close, allowing them to read and perform close tasks with ease.

There are also other clues influence people’s choice for glasses, and glasses are playing an important role in people’s daily life.

What makes glasses so expensive?

The price of glasses can be influenced by various factors, including:

1.Prescription Complexity

Stronger prescriptions, multifocal lenses (bifocals or progressives), and special lens coatings can increase the cost.

2.Lens Material

Different lens materials have varying costs. For instance, high-index lenses(thinner and lighter) and polycarbonate lenses(impact-resistant) are often more expensive than standard plastic lenses.

3.Lens Coatings

Special coatings, such as anti-reflective, anti-scratch and UV protection coatings, can add to the cost of lenses but enhance durability and clarity.

4.Frame Material

The material of the eyeglass frame matters. Frames can be made from plastic, metal, titanium or even precious metals. High-quality and designer frames typically come at a premium.


Custom-made glasses tailored to your specific measurements and preferences, including frame style and color, can be more expensive than off-the-shelf options.

6.Add-On Features

Special features like polarized lenses, transition lenses (which darken in sunlight) or blue light blocking coatings can increase the cost.

7.Insurance Coverage

If you have vision insurance,it can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket cost of glasses.

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Cheap Prescription Glasses for 2023


half-rimmed frame glasses

Floyd comes in two colors, which are transparent and black. Floyd is a half-rimmed frame that rings true to its predecessors. Its curved TR90 and metal upper half and its lower half combine to create a single, clean look.  


round-shaped Tobin eyeglasses

Opt for elegance with the round-shaped Tobin eyeglasses.These feature a slender and minimalist full-rim metal frame that beautifully illustrates the principle of "less is more". The metallic saddle nose bridge showcases meticulous design touches and provides flexibility through adjustable nose pads. Its timeless gray coating effortlessly complements any fashion ensemble.


sophisticated gold temple arms glasses

Don't overlook the distinctive deep-cut nose bridge, sophisticated gold temple arms, and enduring cat-eye lenses that this style offers. Many frame colors are available for Hestia: classic black, refined transparent-tea, chic demi-coffee, or charming transparent-pink — each color delivers a unique style experience.

Moreover,the addition of golden accents brings an extra touch of brilliance to the cat-eye lenses of this fashionable metal frame. Crafted with spring hinges, these glasses ensure an exceptionally comfortable fit. The cat-eye design is thoughtfully tailored to flatter every facial shape and size.

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cheap reading glasses for 2023


    Penelope rectangular eyeglasses

Achieve a chic and sophisticated appearance with the Penelope rectangular eyeglasses. Each color option for these glasses boasts unique traits. Take for example,the Black-Blue pair; externally, it exudes a sleek black hue,while the interior reveals a stylish blue accent. 

The black glasses are thoughtfully designed with subtle transparent stripes, adding depth and sophistication. On the other hand, the wine glasses showcase a captivating gradient effect, blending light and dark tones seamlessly. These glasses are also equipped with spring hinges for enhanced comfort and wearability.


     Tortoiseshell eyeglasses

Tortoiseshell eyeglasses are adaptable, classic, and complement nearly every face. The Caesar frames exemplify this. With their rectangle lenses, they exude a sleek and fashionable appeal, effortlessly transitioning from formal black-tie events to relaxed casual gatherings, pleasing a wide range of tastes and occasions.


timeless shape glasses

A victorious style, a timeless shape, and a dual-tone appearance—what else could one desire in a set of eyeglasses? Garnet introduces a sporty element to your daily appearance, showcasing a complete plastic frame with a transparent blue front and textured black arms. It's adorned with coordinating blue highlights on both the temples and temple tips, culminating in a polished ensemble.

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Cheap Sunglasses for 2023

1. Hester

Hester frames glasses

Elegant and refined, the Hester frames are an ideal selection for any event.Their unique cat-eye design is sure to capture attention,and the brown front and see-through brown temple arms ensure you leave a lasting impression as you gracefully depart, leaving hearts stirred in your wake. 

2. Vera

cat-eye eyeglasses

Create a commanding impression with these striking cat-eye eyeglasses. Crafted from durable polycarbonate(PC), the broad frame design offers a bold and playful option for both eyeglasses and stylish sunglasses. These frames are offered in black, red, and white, paired with chic gray lenses to suit various preferences.

3. Lucile

deluxe sunglasses

Employing state-of-the-art edging techniques and top-notch materials, our deluxe sunglasses offer an opulent appearance and tactile experience, featuring gently contoured lenses. These designs are offered in the following color options: black, pale yellow, demi and green.

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The price of the glasses are linked to different reasons. To get a cost-effective glass, EFE is a good place to choose from. We always offer different cheap designs in stock, so you are sure to spot one that suits you!