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What Are the Best Glasses for Round Face Male in 2024?

EFE GLASSES | Jul 11,2024

Discover the perfect glasses for round face males in 2024 and learn how to choose the best eyeglasses frames.EFE will help you find the most flattering eyewear to balance men's facial features and elevate your overall look.


Finding the right pair of eyeglasses is empowering for everyone, but it can be even more so for those with round faces. A round face structure is characterized by soft edges, full cheekbones, and equal face width and length. It is important to choose frames that give these features more definition and symmetry. As for 2024, there are several styles that can be recommended for round faces. Let us discuss the best glasses for round face males in detail now.

glasses for round face males

Understanding Your Face Shape

Before proceeding into the styles, it is crucial to determine whether or not you have a round shaped face. Take the distance between the two cheekbones and the distance from the top of your hair to the bottom of your chin. If both these measurements are more or less equal and there is no defined angular structure to your face, your face is round.

Best Glasses Frame Styles For Round Faces

The best glasses for a round face are rectangular, square, geometric, cat-eye, browline, oversized, and browline glasses, as they provide structure, enhance the features and elongate the face.

Rectangular Frames

  ● Why They Work: For round face shapes, rectangular frames are ideal. They provide support and extend the face, thus making the face slim. Squares contrast well with round shapes; thus, rectangular frames look distinct and appealing to people with round faces.

  ● Example: Rectangle black glasses will fit this description as it is a clean and professional looking frame with an almost aggressive angular shape.

Square Frames

  ● Why They Work: Round faces are enhanced with square frames, providing structure and balance. The straight lines and corners of square frames emphasize the proportional proportions of the face, giving it a more structured look.

  ● Example: There's the Square Black Glasses E08496A with full-frame acetate construction and chunky silhouette perfect for making a statement on the go. 

Geometric Frames

  ● Why They Work: Hexagonal and octagonal eyeglasses frames bring an overtly aggressive feel to your persona. It may appear that these forms are very different from the gentle curves of the rounded face.

  ● Example: Geometric frames such as the Geometric Red-tortoiseshell glasses are contemporary and fashionable, specially made to stand out.

Cat-Eye Frames

  ● Why They Work: Round faces should avoid bottom-heavy frames and instead opt for cat-eyed frames as the corners are upswept. These frames make you look up and give the illusion of height and a better body shape.

  ● Example: The Ava glasses in Gold with Brushed Navy are elegant and eye-catching, giving a fun and stylish feel.

Browline Frames

  ● Why They Work: Browline frames put emphasis on the upper portion of the face thus giving more structure and counteracting the roundness. The upper part of the frame is much thicker compared to the lower part of the face which is very appealing.

  ● Example: The Browline Blue Silver is trendy while maintaining the aesthetics of a browline frame, which is ideal for casual use.

Oversized Frames

  ● Why They Work: Large frames are great for making a statement and providing definition to a round face type. They are most effective when they are structured with a certain form that will certainly provide symmetry.

  ● Example: Large frame designs such as the EFE and Warby Parker Fielder frames are perfect for people who want to make a statement.

Frames to Avoid


While many frames can complement a round face, there are a few styles to approach with caution:

  ● Small Frames: These can make the face look rounder and fuller than it actually is.

  ● Circular Frames: Frames with circular shapes may give your face an even rounder appearance which may not be ideal for some people.

  ● Transparent or Skin-Colored Frames: These frames match your skin tone and do not offer the contrast needed to enhance the contours of your face.

Best Glasses for Round Face Male in 2024

Square Black Glasses E08496A

Square Black Glasses E08496A

The Square Black frames are great for putting more definition on a round face. This has the advantage of enhancing the facial features by providing more definition, thus suitable for people who want to balance their features. These frames are lightweight, and at the same time very strong, which makes it possible to wear them throughout the day. The color black in them makes them very flexible since they can be worn with any other cloth.

Browline Black-Blue Glasses E08811C1

Browline Black-Blue Glasses E08811C1

The Gail Browline Black blue glasses are the perfect glasses that blend the browline style with a contemporary flair. Square lenses offer contrast to the roundness of the face, which helps create structure and balance in the face shape. Black and blue are nice colors that make these frames special but at the same time, these glasses can be worn daily.

Rectangle Black Glasses E29016

Rectangle Black Glasses E29016

Rectangle Black Glasses E29016 is the perfect choice for round-faced men, and the stylish rectangular glasses frames help to stretch and increase the stereo sense of the round face. In addition, the E29016 is made of high-quality black TR90  and can be easily paired with any outfit to exude a timeless, fashion-forward aesthetic. These comfortable and durable glasses are fashionable and functional and are a wise choice with round-faced men.


Picking the best glasses for a round face male requires the determination of frames that will enhance the angles of the face. Frame shapes such as rectangular, square, geometric, cat-eye, and browline frames are great options and will help you look fashionable while showcasing your personality. Small round frames, circular or transparent frames should not be used by those who wish to reduce the roundness of their faces. By following these guidelines you will be able to comfortably select the right glasses that complement your facial structure and personality. You can check out the detailed collections and styles on EFE Glasses for more information.

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