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The Hidden Risks of Infrared Light on Eye and Skin Health - You Must Know

EFE GLASSES | May 29,2024

Heat is another form of light that we do not see with our eyes and yet is all over us. It comes from the sun, heat sources, such as the heaters and some lamps and even cookers. Infrared light is advantageous; however, if we are engulfed by it to constantly more harm it may cause to our eyes as well as skin that is why it is necessary to get awareness about such risks.


Some of the issues that are not talked about quite often and concerning which we as well as the help of simple and clear explanations can tell you that how are involved in shaping of your health by the simplest items that abound in our life. This article will help you understand the dangerous effects of infrared and the ways to prevent by having the information you need to protect yourself and your families from the dangers of infrared.

Understanding Infrared Light

Infrared light is a type of energy light we don’t see but often feel as heat. They are only a part of the whole light spectrum that can be neither seen nor defined as a rainbow of colors, or infrared. It means that this kind of light is coming from various sources around us.

Some of the major sources of infrared light include the sun as the largest source of natural ambient infrared light. We also come across infrared light emitted by remote control units as well as some types of industrial equipment. An example of an oven that produces infrared light is a toaster or a cooktop heater. On the other hand, knowing how much of it is produced makes us know how often we come into contact with it.

Risks of Infrared Light to Eye Health


Infrared light is on the high side as far as the harm our eyes receive from the invisible lights is concerned. It is detrimental because too much-infrared light that reaches our eyes can damage their eyes in the long run. Such as a higher risk of developing blinding conditions like cataracts where the clear lens in our eye becomes clouded. A more severe complication that may occur is injury to the eye made up of a round thin transparent part called the cornea. This can happen if our eyes are subjected to continuous infrared light from sources such as direct sunlight or some light bulbs as well as other tools.

How can one stop preventing the eyes from causing harm? Sun’s damaging rays can be prevented by wearing sunglasses that have UV and infrared-blocking properties. These sunglasses are good at protecting our eyes when in open places or lit areas. So, it is also reasonable to use special protective goggles or glasses when working with machines or gadgets that generate so much infrared radiation. This is why we should always select eye protection that specifically mentions the protection from infrared light in order to avoid harm to the eyes.

Risks of Infrared Light to Skin Health

Infrared light may act on the skin depending on its intensity in the same way it could influence the eyes. Irreparable damage can therefore be caused to the skin if there is too much exposure to infrared light. This means that it can lead to an increase in wrinkles and tightening of the skin. It might also cause other skin-related complications that require a physician’s attention.

To protect one’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun it is recommendable that one utilizes cosmetics that are able to reflect or absorb infrared energy such as ‘Sunscreens’ which specifically mention broad spectrum protection. Moreover to adopt protective measures against the harmful effects of the sun, one must put on suitable clothing and hat while outside.

Learning Center: A Resource for Eye and Skin Protection

The learning center is an excellent place to get plenty of information regarding eye and skin health and what hazards exist around us that can unveil the harmful impacts of infrared light. I think it is good to be knowledgeable on how to look after ourselves because our health is valuable.

In the Learning Center, you can subject yourself to articles, and videos on the proper way to take care of your eyes and skin. These resources are comprehensible because they are provided by knowledgeable people who know much about health. They also offer active advice on the best sunshades to wear to your eye and the appropriate kind of sunscreen to use for your body. Regardless of their ages, visitors to the Learning Center learn the ways in which they must protect their eyes and skin from environmental risk.

Taking Action Against Infrared Light Exposure

• Remember that you need to buy sunglasses that can prevent UV and infrared radiation. Protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays by using labels that say “broad spectrum protection.

• Use sunscreen on the wider spectrum that protects from UV and infrared light. When out in the sun, repeat after 2 hours for maximum effectiveness.

• At least try and avoid exposure to direct sunlight, especially from 10 am - 4 pm when the sun shines its strongest radiations or the infrared rays on skin.

• When you are outdoors you should dress in a way that the body is covered so that the skin will not be exposed.

• Choose individual care and eyewear that tell you that they have infrared blocking ability.


The use of infrared light is quite dangerous to the human eye and skin since it can cause things like the development of cataracts as well as premature aging. For more tips and info, visit the Learning Center and start taking care of your health today by learning how to protect yourself from infrared light.