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How to Choose Glasses Frames for Your Face Shape in 2024?

EFE GLASSES | Jun 21,2024

Stay ahead in 2024! Learn how to choose glasses frames that complement your face shape and enhance your look.


Selecting the right Eyeglass frames can improve your looks greatly, as they bring symmetry and harmony to your face. Various facial structures require different kinds of frames. This guide will assist you in identifying how to select the best frames suitable for your face shape to enhance your appearance.

Glasses Frames for Face Shape

Understanding Your Face Shape

To choose glasses frames, it is crucial to decide on your face shape.

     ● Round: Proportional width and height with smooth and rounded edges.

     ●Oval: Average ratios with slightly broader cheeks and slightly rounded chin.

     ● Square: Broad forehead and cheekbones accompanied by a lean, angular jawline.

     ●Heart: Bushman women have a broad forehead and narrow, pointed chin.

     ●Diamond: These include a narrow forehead and jawline and wide cheekbones.

     ●Rectangle: Smaller than it is long, with a sharply defined jawline and prominent forehead.

Choosing the Right Glasses Frames for Your Facial Shape

Round Face

Characteristics: Soft curves without tapering, equal width and height.

Round Face with glasses

Best Frames

     ●Rectangular Frames: Add structure and make the face appear longer and thinner.

     ●Cat-Eye Frames: Include angles and definitions.

     ●Bold, Thick Frames: Use contrast and make a statement.

Frames to Avoid

     ●Round Frames: Emphasize the roundness of the face as much as possible.

     ●Small Frames: If not applied correctly, they can also make your face appear even rounder.

Oval Face

Characteristics: Symmetrical facial features, though the cheeks are a little wider.

Oval Face with glasses

Best Frames

     ●Square Frames: Increase its structure and balance.

     ●Rectangular Frames: Make your face more balanced.

     ●Geometric Frames: Bring interest and enhance balanced shape.

Frames to Avoid

     ●Oversized Frames: You may overpower your balanced features.

     ●Frames with Heavy Details: this may interfere with the natural beauty and balance of your face.

Square Face

Characteristics: Jaw chiselled, large temples.

Square Face with glasses

Best Frames

     ●Round Frames: Subdue sharp edges.

     ●Oval Frames: Offer a softer counterpart to your sharp jawline.

     ●Cat-Eye Frames: Combine curves and smooth everything up.

Frames to Avoid

     ●Square Frames: Emphasize the sharpness of the facial features.

     ●Thin Frames: May be overshadowed by bold facial characteristics.

Heart Face

Characteristics: Wider forehead and a narrow chin.

Heart Face with glasses

Best Frames

     ●Oval Frames: While drawing eyes, maintain the ratio between the width of the forehead and the size of the chin.

     ●Round Frames: Bring in warmth and balance.

     ●Bottom-Heavy Frames: You can also try to widen the look of the chin by making it appear larger in terms of width.

Frames to Avoid

     ●Top-Heavy Frames: It can even make your forehead look wider than it actually is.

     ●Frames with Decorative Temples: Frames with decorative temples could cause focus to be on the upper part of your face.

Diamond Face

Characteristics: Small forehead and jaws, wide cheekbones.

Diamond Face with glasses

Best Frames

     ●Cat-Eye Frames: Contour your cheeks and give your forehead more width.

     ●Oval Frames: Round off the sharp lines of your face.

     ●Rimless Frames: Add definition to your cheeks without gaining weight.

Frames to Avoid

     ●Narrow Frames: The goal is to accentuate the thinness of the forehead and the outline of the jaw.

     ●Oversized Frames: Overwhelm your delicate features.

Rectangle Face

Characteristics: Bigger than the breadth, muscular chin and cheekbone.

Rectangle Face with glasses

Best Frames

     ●Square Frames: Reduce the size of your face.

     ●Round Frames: Produce gentle touch and harmony.

     ●Oversized Frames: Minimize the look of a short face.

Frames to Avoid

     ●Narrow Frames: Lengthen the face.

     ●Small Frames: This can make your face look longer than it actually is.

Tips for Choosing the Right Glasses Frames

diffirent Glasses Frames

     ●Consider Frame Material: The materials used in the frames can affect their appearance and texture. For example, metal frames are chic and classic, whereas plastic frames can be daring and vivid. When choosing materials, think about what would fit your lifestyle and what would make you feel comfortable.

     ●Pay Attention to Frame Color: Select a frame colour that suits the natural colour of your skin, hair and eyes. Warm tones may choose gold, brown or red frames, while cool tones may prefer silver, black or blue frames. The frame colour can also tell people about your personality and your choice of style.

     ●Think About Frame Size: Make sure that the frames are proportional to the size of your face. Oversized frames may be an ideal match for big faces, while small frames may be suitable for small-faced people. The right size frames should not pinch the face or easily slip off the face.

     ●Consider Your Lifestyle: Select frames according to your lifestyle needs. For example, if you are physically active, you should go for flexible and strong frames. If you need glasses for work, you probably want them to look more professional.

     ●Focus on Comfort: Make sure that the frames rest well on your nose bridge and the ears. If the frames are too tight, they can be pretty uncomfortable to wear, while those that are too loose tend to slip off easily. For flexibility and comfort, look into adjustable nose pads and flexible temple arms.

     ●Try Different Styles: Do not hesitate to experiment with different outfits. The frame you never thought would suit you might just turn out to be the best one you have ever worn. It is recommended that you try different frames in an optical store to find the most suitable one.

     ●Consult an Optician: It is always prudent to seek professional advice where necessary. An optician is in the ideal position to advise you on the most suitable frames depending on your face shape, prescription, and lifestyle. They can also help you get your frames as comfortable as possible.

     ●Consider Lens Options: The type of lenses you require could influence the frames you select. Thicker lenses generally may need more robust frames, while thin lenses can be bent easily. Consult with your optician to determine the most appropriate type of lens for you.

     ●Look at the Bridge Fit: It should also sit nicely on the bridge of the glasses whenever they are worn. The right fit will ensure that the glasses do not slide off your face in a given direction. Different frames provide different styles of bridges, like keyhole bridges or saddle bridges.

     ●Check the Temple Length: The temple arms of the glasses should be of an appropriate size so that they can comfortably rest behind the ears. Inadequate or excessive temple length may lead to discomfort or instability. Ensure that the temples bend gradually around your ears.


Choosing the right glasses frames for your face shape is one way of improving your looks and feeling good about yourself. From the analysis of your face shape, it's possible to match the frames to your face and personality once you consider the above guidelines. It means that regardless of your round, oval, square, heart, diamond, or rectangular face shape, ideal frames are waiting for you. Don't rush; experiment and choose the frames that suit you and help you feel confident.

People also ask

Q: What are the current color trends for glasses frames based on face shape in 2024?

A: In 2024, neutral tones like matte blacks, greys, and tortoiseshell are always classic choices. But bold and vibrant colors like electric blues or rich purples can also be fashionable, depending on your personal style and the occasion. For face shape, brighter colors can draw attention or add contrast, depending on your goals.

Q: What frames are in style in 2024?

A: The 2024 eyewear trends are all about making a statement – be it with clear frames, oversized glasses, round frames, or bold-colored frames.

Q: How do I choose the right frame for my face shape?

A: When determining frames, think of contrasting shapes. For square-shaped faces, use curved frames to soften your face's sharper angles and give it a thinner appearance. For heart-shaped faces, round glasses draw the eyes away from the forehead to give the face a more symmetrical appearance.

Q: How do I know if my frames are too big for my face?

A: Glasses that are too big will feel like they're slipping off of your face and ears. They'll often be too wide for your face, with the lenses extending too far past the sides. If your eyes look a bit too close together (or close to the glasses bridge), that's another signal that your glasses might be too big.

Q: How to choose glasses frames for your face shape in 2024 men?

A: A common tip for choosing glasses is to pick frames that contrast with your face shape. For example, if you have a round face, you might consider rectangular frames, and if you have a square face, you might try round or oval frames. Some 2024 trends include geometric shapes, bold colors, and clear frames.


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