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Glasses vs. Contact Lenses: Do You Need Both in Your Eyewear Arsenal?

EFE GLASSES | Nov 08,2023

When it comes to correcting your vision, the debate between glasses and contact lenses is a familiar one. Glasses, the classic choice, offer convenience and style, while contacts promise freedom and flexibility. But why not enjoy the best of both worlds? Having both glasses and contacts in your eyewear collection can be a game-changer. 

Whether it's a glasses-free evening or a backup pair for when your eyes need a rest from contacts, each has its perks. Embracing both options could make your daily life a bit easier and your vision care more versatile.

The Case for Contact Lenses

1.Discreet Vision Correction

Contact lenses offer a form of vision correction that's virtually invisible, making them a top choice for those who prefer not to alter their appearance with glasses. They correct your vision without any tell-tale signs, providing a boost to your eyesight while keeping your look unchanged.

2.Ideal for Physical Activities

When it comes to staying active, contacts are incredibly practical. They won't slip off your nose or fog up during a vigorous workout or while playing sports. This makes contacts an excellent option for athletes or anyone with a dynamic lifestyle.

3.Wider Field of View

Contact lenses give you a complete, unobstructed field of view. Unlike glasses, there are no frames to block your peripheral vision, allowing you to enjoy a fuller view of the world around you. This can be especially beneficial when you are driving, playing sports, or simply enjoying scenic views.

Scenarios Where Glasses are a Must-Have, Even for Contact Wearers

1.Giving Your Eyes a Break

It's essential to give your eyes some downtime from contact lenses. Wearing glasses instead can reduce the chance of infections or irritation. This rest period allows your eyes to breathe and can be key to maintaining good eye health.

2.Emergency Situations

There might be times when you run out of contacts or find that your eyes are irritated. In these moments, glasses are your trusty sidekick. They ensure you aren't left squinting and straining, making them a reliable backup for any contact lens wearer.

3.Enhanced Flexibility

Glasses can also offer more flexibility in your daily life. For those nights when you’re up late reading or when you’re stepping out for a quick errand, it’s often easier to slip on a pair of glasses than to bother with contact lenses. Glasses can be a convenient choice for those spontaneous or short-term needs.

EFE’s Selection for Every Vision Need

EFE Glasses isn't just about clear vision; it's about expressing your style without saying a word. The collection combines practicality with the latest trends, ensuring you have the perfect glasses for any occasion. Whether you rely on glasses every day or occasionally swap out your contact lenses for a new look, EFE has a pair that will fit your lifestyle and fashion sense.

The variety at EFE is impressive, with frames that range from the classic, understated look to modern, bold designs. They cater to every taste, ensuring that you don't have to compromise on style for the sake of vision. With EFE glasses, contact lens wearers have the flexibility to switch up their appearance, adding a touch of elegance or a statement piece to their ensemble.

Moreover, EFE glasses are designed with comfort in mind. They're light on your face, yet durable enough to handle the rigors of daily life. This means you can wear them all day, be it for work or leisure, without feeling weighed down. For those times when your eyes need a rest from contacts, or if you face an unexpected eye irritation, EFE's glasses are there to save the day, ensuring you're never without the gift of sight.

And let's not forget the practical aspects. EFE glasses come with options for blue light filtering, which is a boon for digital device users. They also offer a range of lens types, including bifocal and progressive, catering to all types of vision correction needs. So, for contact lens wearers who want a convenient alternative without sacrificing style or eye health, EFE glasses are the ideal choice.


In conclusion, glasses and contact lenses serve as vital companions in our vision-enhancing arsenal. Having both allows for flexibility, ensuring you have the right eyewear for any situation, while also caring for your eye health. EFE's array of trendy glasses adds a dash of style, whether you're a dedicated contact lens wearer or someone who appreciates the occasional frame flair. Dive into EFE's selection to discover glasses that promise both flair and function, making them a smart addition to your daily routine. 

Choose EFE for eyewear that supports all aspects of your vision needs with unmatched style!