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How To Find The Right Reading Glasses Strength For You


After a certain age (probably around 40), you may find that you need some visual assistance while reading. This is a completely normal phenomenon! And then you need to find a suitable pair of reading glasses for yourself to solve this problem. But readers aren’t for everyone, you need to figure out exactly what strength of reading glasses you need.


Why finding right reading glasses strength is important


Because if the reading glasses with a power you choose that isn’t the right one match for your eyes, you may experience some unwanted side effects, such as: not being able to read clearly, feeling headaches, eyes are easily tired, etc.


You need readers that you can see clearly when you put them on and open a book to read, not readers that make words look a little off or even gives you a headache.


How to Read and Understand Reading Glasses Strength


Diopters are the units of measurement that determine the strength of your reading glasses. These are also the units in your standard vision prescription, they tell you how much refractive power is present in the lens. The higher the number, the more powerful your glassesc will be.


Reading glasses always have a + symbol before their power, and they come in a wide range of strengths. (Our store diopters from +1.00 to +4.00.) There is a lot of variability within this range, so you want to make sure you choose the right magnification that works for your eyes.


The diopter level that you need will depend on your specific needs. However, we have a reading glasses power chart available in our store that can recommend the strength of reading glasses you need based on your age.


● If you're around the age of 40 - 45, you may need +1.00 reading glasses.


● Age 46 - 50, you can choose +1.50 reading glasses.


● Age 51 - 55, you can choose +2.00 reading glasses.


● Age 56 - 60, you can choose +2.50 reading glasses.

● Age 61 - 65, you can choose +3.00 reading glasses.


● Age 66 - 70, you can choose +3.50 reading glasses.


● Age 71+, you can choose +4.00 reading glasses.


Of course, this chart is only for your shopping guide. Choosing the right reading glasses for you depends not only on your age, but also on your actual needs.


How to choose the right reading glasses strength


If you have to go to the store to try on different pairs of readers, don’t buy the first pair that seems good enough. You should bring a book or some printed paper, and try on multiple pairs of glasses to get a better idea of what kind of power you need. Or you can also find your right reading glasses strength by contacting an optometrist to test it for you.


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