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Reading Glasses Collection Eugene $24.99/Set
  • Reading Glasses Collection Eugene $24.99/Set
  • Reading Glasses Collection Eugene $24.99/Set
  • Reading Glasses Collection Eugene $24.99/Set
  • Reading Glasses Collection Eugene $24.99/Set


Multi-color Classic and Fashion Set of 3 Packs of Reading Glasses for Women and Men

3-1. rectangle black-red frame with fully magnified reading sunglasses

3-2. square red frame with bifocal reading glasses

3-3. square demi frame with bifocals reading sunglasses

5.0 (16 Reviews)
$24.99 / Set
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  • Frame Width:136mm
  • Lens Width: 51mm
  • Bridge:18mm
  • Lens Height:37mm
  • Arm Length:148 mm
  • Temple:Spring Hinges
  • Product Type:Reading Glasses
  • Frame Shape: Rectangle
  • Frame Material:PC
  • Gender:Unisex

  • Frame Width:136mm
  • Lens Width: 51mm
  • Bridge:17mm
  • Lens Height:39mm
  • Arm Length:144 mm
  • Temple:Spring Hinges

  • Frame Width:144mm
  • Lens Width: 53mm
  • Bridge:20mm
  • Lens Height:42mm
  • Arm Length:150 mm
  • Temple:Spring Hinges
  • Product Type:Reading Glasses
  • Frame Shape: Square
  • Frame Material:PC
  • Gender:Unisex

Rectangle black-red frame: Trendsetters eager to complement platinum blonde or jet-black hair, look no further.

Square red frame: brings the light with its classic square lenses and proud color palette. 

Square demi frame: This style is no-nonsense and classic, while spring hinges do their part to ensure maximum comfort.

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  • Excellent blue light protection!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    You get two pair of these reading glasses, which are 0 x0 strength, meaning they aren‘t vision correction, they protect your eyes from the harsh blue light emitted from tvs, cell phones, tablets or computers. A lot of people don't realize how harsh blue light is on their eyes and brain. It keeps the brain active, preventing quality sleep, which in turn causes agitation and overall unwell health. These are great for those who spend the evenings on their devices or watching television. They improve restful sleep and they look really cute on as well. I love the simple solid color frames and they are very effective. If you suffer from a lot of restless sleep, it even insomnia, you should definitely give these blue light glasses a try. It's an inexpensive way that could solve a really serious and heath hazardous issue a lot of people in our current high tech world lots of issues! Quality sleep and restful down time are critical to a good quality of life and a positive mental state, as well as school or work place performance and relief from brain fog and stress!
    Feb 27,2024 by Chelsea Roach
  • Actually Did Sharpen My Vision! Subtle Yellow Tint
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Anyone remember those big amber-colored blue blocker glasses? These are a much improved version that actually work without distorting the look of your world. There is no magnification to these lenses, just a very light hint of yellow that is barely noticeable. They are large enough for me that I can wear them *over* my normal reading glasses. My computer screen looks crisp and sharp, better than with just my reading glasses by themselves. I notice my eyes adjusting and straining a bit more when I lift these up to compare, so they are definitely helping reduce eye fatigue. These are *not* sunglasses and they are not meant to be used to protect your eyes from the sun on a bright day, but for indoor reading and prolonged computer screen time, these are very helpful.
    Feb 27,2024 by R. Martin
  • Similar to Warby Parker frame
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Very similar to the Brady frames from Warby Parker. Frame is a little bit thicker and the tiniest bit heavier. I wear a light enough prescription that I can use these for working on my laptop. Lens seems to block a little bit of the monitor glare which should help with eye strain. Comes with 2 pairs, cleaning cloth, carry bag, and keychain tool in case you need to make adjustments.
    Feb 10,2024 by DT
  • Comfortable and stylish
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    My teen has wanted clear frames so I had to get this as soon as I saw it. This 2 pack of blue light blocking glasses did not disappoint! They are stylish, lightweight and she‘s been wearing them everyday! She said they're actually more comfortable than her prescription glasses. She and I both spend long hours in front the computer so this 2 pack was perfect. Clear for her,and I'll be taking the black pair.These are not reading glasses. They are equipped with anti blue light lens,, which blocks harmful blue light and protects the eyes and reduces eyestrain.. I highly recommend these for anyone who spends a large portion of their day at a computer.
    Feb 01,2024 by Gissell
  • Blue light filtering, comfortable!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These glasses have a really nice blue-light filtering coating. I noticed it immediately when I put them on—it made my screen look a little bit yellow like it was in night mode. They are really comfortable and lightweight so I was able to wear them for several hours without them bothering me. I’m hopeful it will help reduce eye strain. And it’s nice that they come with the little soft case and microfiber glasses cleaner, and a little tiny screwdriver that you can use to fix them if they break. I also like that there’s two pairs so I can keep one at home and one at the office.
    Jan 18,2024 by Dr. Becca Sansom
  • Great Readers!!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Super nice blue light blocking readers for men or women! Comfortable to wear because they are lightweight. So glad this pack had two pair, one for home and one for work. They came with a cleaning cloth and a protective case to keep them in. Also a small eyeglass tool in case a screw came loose. These don‘t look like cheap glasses either. Frame is well made and should last a long time!
    Nov 07,2023 by Hope
  • Great glasses
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These are well made glasses with a great design on each. Very nice for the money. Would definately buy these again.
    Nov 06,2023 by Audrey Flavell
  • Fashion forward!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Lightweight, but not too lightweight! Perfect size!
    Oct 13,2023 by karen yunck
  • Really good readers for the price
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I‘ve purchased more cheater style glasses than I care to remember. Some are definitely better than others and these are some of the best I've gotten in terms of quality and clarity. They work well and don't have any bad spots in the lenses. The are extremely clear and work well. Will definitely buy again.
    Sep 27,2023 by MarkjinNY
  • Wonderful Readers
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These are very nice readers. Love the colors and the style!
    Sep 04,2023 by LBell
  • Durable and stylish
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    This is my 4th set of these reading glasses, I keep some at work, in various rooms etc. they are sturdy, light weight, stylish and work great. Even my husband prefers over the ones he has tried. Great price for quality.
    Aug 08,2023 by Toni Nash
  • Good quality
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Great!! Comfortable
    Aug 06,2023 by PB
  • Loved these glasses!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    They are made well and look very stylish. I love them and will purchase again.
    Jun 02,2023 by Emily Reifsnyder
  • Stylish and functional
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These are so stylish and good quality for the money! Highly recommend!!
    May 28,2023 by Dana Allen
  • The Best Bang For Your Buck
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I cannot tell you how many compliments I get on my reading glasses and when asked and tell people they are from Amazon and their price they are SHOCKED
    Apr 30,2023 by Raizy G
  • Love these!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Super cute!
    Mar 13,2023 by maplesmomhasgotitgoingon
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