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August - Round  Glasses for Men & Women
  • August - Round  Glasses for Men & Women
  • August - Round  Glasses for Men & Women
  • August - Round  Glasses for Men & Women
  • August - Round  Glasses for Men & Women


Round Glasses E08409C

4.8 (23 Reviews)
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EFE Eyeglasses Included:
High-quality frame
Anti-scratch coating for durability
Green coating for clearer vision
A lens cleaning cloth & bag
Choose Colors: Black

  • Frame Width:137mm
  • Lens Width: 51mm
  • Bridge:21mm
  • Lens Height:47mm
  • Arm Length:145 mm
  • Temple:N/A
  • Product Type:Eyeglasses
  • Frame Shape: Round
  • Frame Material:Acetate
  • Gender:Unisex

The round shape of the frame exudes a timeless and vintage-inspired charm. It complements various face shapes and adds a touch of elegance to your overall look. 

The round frame design is perfect for those seeking a distinctive and fashion-forward eyewear option.

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Overall Score
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  • So cute and comfy
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These frames are awesome. Super chic, super lightweight and comfortable, perfect for everyday wear. I use them as blue light blockers and they’re perfect for long time wear! Would highly recommend :)
    Jun 02,2024 by Raelynn
  • Comfortable and durable
    Quality 5.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    The frames that I picked were as they looked online. They are comfortable and the right size for my face. I love the tortoise color. I am pleased with my purchase.
    May 30,2024 by Declan
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Love the look, my eyes feel less strained and they‘re lightweight. The frame is slightly flimsy and the case it came in wasn't the sturdiest. I'd recommend getting a hard case for a couple bucks to ensure the safety of your eyewear
    May 27,2024 by Daniela atayde
  • Can’t live without these!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 4.0
    I absolutely love these glasses. they are so very cute and fit my face well! love love love!!10/10
    May 22,2024 by Samantha Maldonado
  • Excellent frame
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Stylish, good quality and light weight. Size fits very well, comfortable to wearing this glasses on. One of my best eye glasses, love it.
    May 22,2024 by Rowan
  • Love everything about these glasses
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 4.0
    Everywhere I go in Jamaica ?? I turn eyes with my glasses ?
    May 17,2024 by Ginger Chiaravalle
  • Comfortable towear
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 4.0
    Very comfortable and stylish
    May 17,2024 by Michelle P.
  • Nice for the Price
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Glasses are nice, light weight but yet durable, and a nice style. Purchased a second pair for someone who liked them as well. Comes with a soft caring case as well as a reusable microfiber cloth.
    May 15,2024 by B. Thorton
  • Great out of the box
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    :) They seem to be very lightweight and comfortable so far- obviously it’s day one and time will tell, but no complaints out of the box! I have another pair of blue light filtering glasses & they make a huge difference since I’m on a computer 10 hours per day for work. My eyes are noticeably less tired. Hoping this new pair is as nice- my other pair isn’t UV filtering, so that’s another pro for these.
    May 14,2024 by Jennifer V
  • Cute glasses
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 4.0
    I was having headaches and this is helping me a lot!
    May 09,2024 by CFrisina
  • Very Cute!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    framed my face well and barely noticed they were there. worked very well for the six months i had them. they would slip a little often but that was not a big issue. would purchase again
    May 09,2024 by Peggy Pylypczuk
  • I Like the Feel and Look,.....
    Quality 5.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 4.0
    I have found these really help with eye strain and I no longer have a headache at end of the day.
    May 03,2024 by AmandaSal
  • Good online purchase/experience
    Quality 5.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    Some minor adjustment needed to the fit, but that was expected. Good purchase experience.
    May 02,2024 by Eliza
  • Its nice
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    To be honest, I didn’t expect anything special, but it was nice to find that they are well-made, sturdy enough, and come with a cover. I didn’t need anything more than that.
    Apr 27,2024 by DebbieLi
  • Love it
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Was unsure what to really expect but they turned out pretty okay. They have a cool look to them and lightweight. I think they do actually work to remove glare and protect the eyes. Also, pretty fashionable.
    Apr 27,2024 by CTB
  • Cute glasses!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    Got these at Christmastime and gave one pair as a gift. Versatile style makes it a great fit for just about anyone. No longer worry about blue light interfering with sleep for late night shopping or email checks. Great buy too!
    Apr 26,2024 by NYC Finest
  • Love!
    Quality 5.0 · Style 4.0 · Fit 5.0
    Great quality, comfortable, great value, loved the style.
    Apr 24,2024 by Stephanie Hernandez
  • Great find
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 4.0
    These glasses are comfortable. They’re sharp. I love the light filtering. They’re so smart and sexy! Perfect. Very glad I purchased. A great buy if you’re into vanity glasses. ✌?
    Apr 22,2024 by Vivian Chiao
  • I love them
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    These have been perfect. I might buy another pair.
    Apr 19,2024 by Karen Peros
  • A little big for my face but very cute!
    Quality 4.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I LOVE these so much, and the packaging they came with is on point. It came with all these extra goodies, I‘m impressed. & they're so cute, and affordable.
    Apr 19,2024 by Bunny
  • Eye fatigue
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    Bought these to be fashionable practical Eyewear for someone whose job is to look at computer screen. I really like the comfort these bring
    Apr 19,2024 by Angie Gonzalez
  • Good Quality, better than you’d expect
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I absolutely love these can barely keep them off they even seem to work great at night while driving with the other car lights.
    Apr 19,2024 by Carlene Schuder
  • Awesome purchase
    Quality 5.0 · Style 5.0 · Fit 5.0
    I like that it‘s stylish and lightweight and it comes with a case, and a cleaner. I've been wearing it for about an hour and it seems to be helping with the eye strain.
    Apr 12,2024 by Shawn
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