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As the seasons change, so should your eyewear. Fall 2022 eyewear trends are diverse, eye-catching and cater to every possible need...
We hearing that you may confuse if you're really nearsight or how to take care of your eyes and etc questions, we collected top 7 discussions about glasses and eyesights, you may find some answers here.
Bifocals help solve this trouble by changing the distribution of the lenses. If you look through the bottom of the lens, the text will appear larger than usual; but if you look the top of the clear glasses, the object will appear as it is.
You may annoy that get 3 or 5 totally identical pairs of reading glasses for a long time. So we offer a customize service for customers to select the best readers for yourselves.
In celebration of EFE's anniversary, we runs a site-wide offer on August 8 each year. Check eyeglass, sunglasses, reading glasses promotions and discount now!
To help you on your cleaning journey, EFE OPTICAL has put together some helpful ways of cleaning your glasses for you. Read on and learn how to clean lenses more conveniently!
Now, in order to prevent the coronavirus and stay safety, we'll wear masks daily, but for who wear glasses may encounter the situation of glasses fogging. I bet you know how annoying it is! Let's see how to keep glasses from fogging up!
Everyone's face shape is different, a great frame will make you look better! Don't know what kind of reading glasses are suitable for your face shape? Read more and get the best frame type for your face shape. Check your frame now!
Netherlands EFE Eyewear in SILMO glasses exhibition 2017 autumn / winter - 2018 spring / summer glasses 3 themes
From 2017 to 2018, EFE glasses appeared in the four major international optical glasses and design industry expositions, and won numerous praises in the industry.
When I am choosing reading glasses, how do I determine what power reading glasses I use. This article will match you with more suitable reading glasses.
In this post EFE will help explain the difference between the various types of reading glasses lens types so you can shop with confidence.
When you choose reading glasses, are you confused and don't know how to choose? 3 things you must know when choosing reading glasses from EFE.
In 2017, the Holland EFE glasses brand, as one of the famous European glasses brands, made a stunning appearance at the SILMO glasses exhibition in Paris.
European EFE international eyewear brand, successfully unveiled at the Hong Kong Optical Fair in 2017
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